Welsh Apology for Forced Adoption

The Adult Adoptee Movement welcomes the Welsh Government’s formal apology for forced adoption practices that separated children from their families. On behalf of adult adoptees, we commend the Government for acknowledging the harm caused by these practices and taking steps to address the lasting impact on adoptees, birth families, and adoptive families.

We have issued a formal response to their statement.

25th April 2023 | Welsh Government Formal Apology

Julie Morgan, Deputy Minister for Social Services formally apologised for past forced adoption practices.

These practices were unethical, immoral and may in some cases have been illegal, and I want to put on record today my profound sympathy for all those affected by historical forced adoption. Regardless of the societal pressures or social norms of the day, such inhumane practices should never be an acceptable part of our society in Wales. The harm done to these individuals is great, but as a Government, we owe them every chance to live the rest of their lives as free from trauma and torment as possible.

I would like to convey my deepest sympathy and regret to all those affected. Due to society failing you, you’ve had to endure such appalling historical practices in Wales, and for this, the Welsh Government is truly sorry.