Advocating for Adult Adoptees

A group of UK adoptees, challenging attitudes to historic adoptions, striving to change the narrative on adoption.

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Lived experience is at the heart of everything we do.

As adult adoptees, we’re all too often overlooked. Adoptees are infantilised, and many support services are aimed at adopted children and their families.

We’ve been busy campaigning to raise awareness of the lifelong trauma adoptees face and ensure appropriate support is available for all those involved.

JCHR Inquiry

We believe that there is still insufficient understanding of the impact of forced adoption on adoptees and their families.

We want to ensure that the cycle of trauma does not pass down to our families and future generations.

Our Formal Response

An apology will never make up for past events. We have laid out our 14 key recommendations, to set new standards and legislation to protect adoptees.

Our trauma must be acknowledged, and appropriate support offered.

Adoption’s Impact

The impact of being adopted, doesn’t magically disappear when you become an adult.

Different life events, such as relationships, careers, pregnancy, healthcare and menopause are greatly affected by our adoption experiences – yet this is completely ignored by society.

Image of quote Without the child there is no adoption, no birth parents, no adopters So isn't it time we started putting adoptees at the centre of all conversations around adoption

Advocate | Champion | Educate

We have come together to:

  • ADVOCATE for adult adoptees
  • CHAMPION adoptee rights
  • EDUCATE from lived experience

We aim to do this by:

  • Campaigning for rights and appropriate services for adult adoptees
  • Creating resources to help adoptees understand, articulate and heal
  • Helping non-adoptees understand the experiences and effects of adoption

Our partners

We’ve been blown away by the support we have received. We’ve worked closely with SAAM to ensure a joined-up approach to campaigning for adoptees. The Ollie Foundation has been instrumental in helping us get our concerns for adoptee mental health heard. Adoptees United have generously provided hosting for our website.


Scottish Adult Adoptee Movement

SAAM changing the narrative on adoption in Scotland.

Awareness | Advocacy | Education | Support

The Ollie Foundation

Suicide Awareness

OLLIE is a charity dedicated to delivering suicide awareness, intervention and prevention training by empowering professionals and young adults in their own communities to lead suicide prevention activities. 

Adoptees United USA

Adoptee Rights

Adoptees United is led by adoptees in the United States. Representing the interests of all adoptees, whether domestic, inter-country, transracial, or former foster youth.

Huge thank you to Adoptees United USA for hosting our website!

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